Dog sports tracker

Rundogo tracks all sport activities you do with your dogs and show you the results in one place.

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Choose from a variety of dog sports

Select what dogs you’re running with and choose from various activities, such as canicross, sled dog, dog biathlon, dog scootering, bikejoring, skijoring or walking.

See everything in one place

Whether you’ve been running alone or biking with your dogs, all activities are stored in one place so you can access and analyze them anytime.

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Track your performance

Tracking your workout is super easy. See your progress in real time, capture the moment with a snapshot and share it with your friends.

Get social and stay in touch

Find and follow your friends, share, like & comment their workouts and get inspired by tracks of professional athletes.

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Vote for the next features

Join our voting for the next features and help us choose the best. Rundogo is an app developed for you and we appreciate any feedback or suggestion.

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Detailed statistics

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Sharing of the tracks

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Garmin watch

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