Rundogo FAQs

Can I use the app on Android devices?
The app is currently available for iOS only. We are working hard on Android version and it will be released soon.

What do I need to use the app?
You need a device with GPS and iOS 10 and higher.

How do I create an account?
All you need is your email or Facebook account to make a registration and to enjoy the app.

Does the app require internet for tracking?
No, Rundogo works also without the internet.

How many dogs can I have in the app?
As many as you want.

Can I run without the dog?
Yes, you can. Before beginning a workout, choose an option “no dog.” Then the app works as a traditional sports tracker.

How can I add a friend?
Adding a friend is very simple.

1. In Rundogo, tap on the icon of two people at the bottom part of the screen

2. In your feed, tap on the icon of a person with +

3. Choose where you want to search
(There are following options:
1) search in our system by entering a username,
2) show a list of your Facebook friends using the app
3) by searching your contacts)

4. After finding your friends, click on the Follow button; after they accept your request, you will see each other’s feed.

How much does it costs?
Rundogo is completely free. We are testing if there are enough customers interested in using it. In the app, you can voluntarily support the developers by buying them a treat.

I have a suggestion or a problem.
Please write us at